Four Ways To Get The Cheapest Or Free Roadside Assistance Plans

3 November 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Your vehicle breaking down on the side of the road is a stressful scenario, especially when you have to wait for a passing motorist, a friend, or a towing service to come to your aid. Furthermore, if you are waiting on a towing service, you will have to contemplate the amount of money the towing service will cost you per mile. Thus, to avoid such ordeals, it is advisable to apply for a road assistance plan so that you can alleviate the need to have your vehicle towed for minor car troubles, such as running out of fuel, a puncture, or a dead battery. In most cases, many motorists get roadside assistance plans from their auto insurance companies. However, roadside assistance plans provided by insurance companies tend to be more expensive than other available options. In fact, there is a way you can get roadside assistance for free. Thus, if you are looking for cheaper or free roadside assistance plans, here are four options you should consider.

Joining an Auto Club

There are several benefits a motorist can enjoy by joining an auto club. One of the said benefits includes free or subsidized roadside assistance services. However, it is essential to note that not all auto clubs provide free or cheaper roadside assistance services. However, a few auto clubs provide free or subsidized roadside assistance plans. If you have a membership, you are entitled to free towing services for a certain number of miles and free lockout assistance. Some might even offer discounted roadside assistance plans if you drive a hybrid vehicle. Thus, joining an auto club can help you minimize the money you spend on roadside assistance services.

Auto Manufacturer Warranties

In a bid to attract more customers, some automakers include free roadside assistance plans as part of their vehicle's warranty. Thus, if your vehicle's warranty is still valid, it is advisable to check if roadside assistance is included in the contract before you start shopping for roadside assistance coverage elsewhere. Suppose your vehicle warranty includes free roadside assistance. In that case, it is impractical to purchase a roadside assistance plan when you already have a free plan. Nonetheless, it is advisable to note that roadside assistance coverage provided under a manufacturer's warranty is usually limited to specific scenarios, such as a dead battery. However, this can still help you save money when applying for an alternative roadside assistance plan. Suppose the manufacturer's warranty only covers dead batteries and running out of fuel. In that case, when you apply for an additional roadside assistance plan to cover factors, such as punctures and towing, you can omit dead batteries and fuel delivery from the list of covered serviced. Thus, you will enjoy paying lower rates on the alternative roadside assistance plan because it includes fewer covered services.

Credit Card Companies

While most credit companies provide their clients with free flight miles, others have gone the extra mile and included free roadside assistance as part of their customer appreciation strategy. Thus, if you have a credit card, it is advisable to check whether your credit card company offers free roadside assistance as part of the customer appreciation. However, it is essential to note that the free roadside assistance is usually limited to a few services. Thus, it doesn't cover the full spectrum of roadside assistance services you might require. Nonetheless, it is still advantageous because you apply for an additional roadside assistance service and omit the services covered by the credit card company. Therefore, minimize the cost of the additional roadside assistance service.

Cell Phone Service Providers

Considering that you need your cell phone to call for roadside assistance, some wireless service providers have also started offering roadside assistance plans at subsidized rates. However, not all cell service companies offer roadside assistance plans. Thus, before looking for roadside assistance plans from elsewhere, it is advisable to check if your current phone service provider has complimentary roadside assistance services. One of the main benefits of getting roadside assistance plans from a phone company is that their rates are significantly subsidized compared to roadside assistance plans provided by insurance companies. Thus, by opting to get your roadside assistance plan from a cell phone provider, you can save money in the long run due to the subsidized rates.