Maximizing Your Fleets Flexibly And Efficiency With Semi Trailer Leases

15 March 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Semi-trailer leasing is not a new idea; in fact, it is common among companies that need to keep their fleet on the road and flexible enough to meet changing client demands. There are some benefits to leasing that make sense for small, medium, and even large trucking companies. Leasing can help keep the cost of operation lower. To learn more, read on.

Trailer Leasing

Semi-trailer leasing is common in the trucking industry, and the leasing companies make it very appealing because of the benefits they offer with the lease. In many cases, you can tailor the lease to the time frame you need, and the many semi-trailer leasing companies allow mixing the types of trailers in the lease to meet your trucking company's needs. 

For a company with a small fleet, the ability to lease a couple of dry vans, a refrigerated trailer, and a flatbed all on the same lease means having the option to move many different kinds of freight and expand the business to handle more work. As the business grows, the number of trailers on the lease can grow with the company and make it easier for you to compete with other trucking companies in your area. 

Maintenance and Service

Semi-trailer leasing often comes with maintenance and service included with the lease. For a company that is leasing many trailers on a contract, these savings can be significant. A trailer that breaks down on the road can be fixed or swapped for a new trailer quickly in many cases. If the leasing company is one of the many large, nationwide leasing companies, they'll likely have a shop or a mobile service available just about anywhere you might be. 

Some semi-trailer leasing companies offer maintenance service in your yard, so instead of bringing the trailer into a shop, the tech can come to you and service all the trailers, right where you have them sitting. If there is some damage to the trailer that requires significant repairs, the tech can have a replacement trailer brought to you, and the damaged one will be taken to the shop for repair. 

Lease Terms

Many semi-trailer leasing companies offer flexible terms, and most companies allow you to lease a trailer for a short period or enter into a longer lease that has the option to buy the trailer at the end of the lease. Lease-to-own options can be attractive, or you may want to continue to lease and change the trailers out every year or two so that you always have reliable equipment to work with. 

To learn more, talk with the leasing company's rep to determine the semi-trailer leasing options for your company and budget. You might be surprised how affordable it is to have new trailers behind your trucks every day.