Two Things You Must Do When Using A Towing Service

14 July 2020
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


If you ever have car troubles that leave you in need of a company's towing services, you should do the two things listed here after you reach out to this business.

Check the opening hours of the auto repair shop you want them to transport your car to

If you want your car's issues to be fixed immediately, then you will need to get the tow truck to transport the vehicle to an auto repair shop. If, after using your phone to look for ones near your breakdown spot, you find one that seems reputable and that you'd like to use, you should check its opening hours before you instruct the tow truck driver to take your car to that place. The reason for this is that if the one you've chosen closes early or isn't open at all on the day of the week that this situation occurs and you only find this out after the tow truck has reached this auto repair shop (or worse still, after they have dropped off the vehicle and left), this situation could get very messy.

If the tow truck is still present when you have this realization, you would have to find another suitable auto repair shop and get them to take the car there instead. This extra journey could hike up the towing bill and might result in the towing service's other stranded customers waiting longer for their vehicles to be towed. If the tow truck has already left at this point, you may have to request a second truck from the towing business. This, too, could cost you more money and could drag out this unfortunate experience. As such, it is vital to ensure the auto repair shop you choose will still be open by the time your car is dropped off at this spot by the tow truck.

Quickly clean out the car interior

Before using a towing service, it's good to do a quick sweep of your car interior. You should, for example, pick up any trash you have left on the car floor by the pedals (so that the mechanic, who might need to do repairs in this area, won't have to comb through a pile of garbage in order to do this job).

Additionally, if you have any unfinished, open cups of coffee in the car, you should remove them, as when the tow truck driver loads your car onto their vehicle, yours will tilt quite a bit. If there are any open drink containers inside it, these will splash all over the interior. Lastly, even if it is dry and sunny when the tow truck arrives, you should close your car's sunroof to keep the interior dry in the event of the weather changing during the ride to the auto repair shop.

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