3 Common Truck Issues That Require Repairs

28 December 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Many businesses maintain a fleet of light and heavy duty trucks to perform day to day tasks. Whether your company utilizes light trucks for transporting materials or needs heavy duty trucks to tow trailers, keeping your truck fleet in good condition is essential. While quality trucks can last a long time and drive for many miles before they need to be replaced, there will still be situations where repairs are needed. When a truck is not operating properly it can negatively affect your company's day to day business, so having repairs made promptly is important. Some common truck issues that require repairs include:

Brake Problems

Trucks can be quite heavy, and many trucks are used for towing, which puts a lot of stress on the braking system. Unlike sedans and small SUVs, trucks can be more prone to brake system issues, such as brake fluid leaks and warped brake rotors. Your company's truck fleet manager should make it clear to employees that any issues with the brakes on a truck should be reported immediately so they can be repaired. Driving a truck with brake issues is not safe, and if minor brake problems are not repaired right away the whole brake system may need to be replaced, which can be quite expensive.

Overheating Engine

While operating a truck, the driver needs to keep a very close eye on the temperature of the engine. A truck engine can overheat for a number of reasons. Whether it is something simple like low coolant levels due to a leak or something more serious like a problem with a head gasket. If a truck overheats while in operation, it needs to be turned off and allowed to cool completely. After a truck overheats, regular driving should not resume-- the truck needs to be inspected by a mechanic to determine the cause of overheating and repairs need to be made.

U-Joint Failure

A U-joint is a vital part in a truck that transfers power to the differentiator from the transmission. If a U-joint fails completely, a truck will not be able to run properly, so it is important to know the signs of a faulty U-joint. Prior to a U-joint failing completely, there may be a loud clicking sound when the tuck is in motion, and the truck may vibrate while traveling at high speeds. The best case scenario is to have the U-joint replaced before it fails. 

Contact a truck repair service to help deal with any of the issues mentioned above.