Do You Want To Upgrade The Tint On Your Car's Windows? 3 Reasons To Replace Damaged Auto Glass Before Tinting

18 December 2019
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Auto glass tint often comes already installed on windshields and windows to help reduce the glare of the sun and lower the exposure to UV rays that you experience while driving. Over time, the window tint can degrade, or you may just want to upgrade to a darker shade to improve the look of your vehicle or further reduce glare. Either way, you will first need to carefully inspect your auto glass to determine if it is in good condition before you apply the tint. Although it might seem like tint could go over things such as chips and cracks, this often leads to more problems with the auto glass. As you get ready to prepare for the tinting job, consider these three reasons why arranging for auto glass replacement services should be your first step.

Achieve the Best Possible Finish

Car tint needs to be applied over a smooth surface to create the most aesthetically pleasing effects. Since the film is thin and transparent, putting it over a crack can actually make an existing flaw look worse. Choosing to replace the glass first saves you from having to cover the cost of tinting twice when you realize that the current glass doesn't look right after the tint application. Although this applies to all cars, it is especially important to think about if your primary reason for tinting is to increase the visual appeal of your vehicle. 

Prevent Worse Cracks From Developing

You should also understand how cracks develop in windshields and how window tint can contribute to making the problem worse. Auto glass cracks and chips respond to temperature fluctuations. As the glass heats up, it tends to expand. Glass tint does not reflect the sun's rays. Instead, it provides sun protection by absorbing the heat. This heat is then transferred to the auto glass, and any weak spots can gradually begin to expand. 

Extend the Life of the Tint

At some point, you might have seen the effects of a bad tint job. Bubbling, peeling, and fogging are all potential issues that can occur when the tint is applied badly or on a poorly prepared surface. Starting with an auto glass replacement gives you a smooth surface to work on that allows for the tint film to adhere better. This simple decision can help the tint to last for many years so that you can avoid having to have the job redone in the future.