3 Ways To Maximize Profit From A Junk Car

6 November 2019
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When a passenger vehicle stops running, it can become a burden. Many cities have ordinances that prevent rundown vehicles from being parked on residential property. You could be subject to hefty fines if you don't find a way to get rid of a non-running vehicle.

Deciding to junk your car for cash can be a great way to profit from your broken vehicle. You can easily maximize your profit by taking the following three steps while junking your car for cash.

1. Sell Valuable Components Separately

One easy way to increase the amount of money you are able to get out of your old car is to remove valuable components and sell them separately. Many drivers are looking for gently used parts that they can purchase for a fraction of the cost of new parts.

Tires with plenty of tread, alloy rims, a newer battery, and any electronic components within the vehicle all have value on their own. A scrap yard will not pay you any extra for these components, so removing them and selling them individually can yield a higher net profit.

2. Verify the Demand for Your Vehicle

You should take the time to contact several different outlets before you junk your old car. Certain makes, models, and model years can be more valuable than others. A scrap yard that lets the public come and remove usable parts from damaged or broken vehicles will usually pay more for desirable junk cars.

If your vehicle isn't a desirable make and model for the pick-and-pull yards, you can always sell the vehicle for scrap at a metal recycling center.

3. Check the Accuracy of Scales

If you make the decision to partner with a metal recycling center when junking your old car, you will be asked to weigh your car on a set of large scales. The weight of the vehicle is used to calculate your profit, since metal recycling companies pay per pound for obsolete vehicles.

The accuracy of the scales used to weigh your vehicle can have a direct impact on the amount of money you receive in exchange for junking your car. Always verify that the facility has a current certification stating that their scales have been inspected and found to be accurate. This will help you avoid losing out on potential profit due to a recorded weight that is too low.

You can profit from a junk car if you take the time to sell valuable parts separately, consider the demand for your vehicle's make and model, and check the accuracy of the scales when weighing your old car for scrap.